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B1 - USB Travel/Sport Bag


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USB - Travel / Sport / Overnight Bag - Front open pocket outside. View colour options below

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Grey $0Grey
Orange $0Orange
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Red / Orange $0Red / Orange
Yellow $0Yellow
Light Blue $0Light Blue
Beige $0Beige
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Emerald $0Emerald
Petrol Blue $0Petrol Blue
Bottle Green $0Bottle Green
Dark Blue $0Dark Blue
Black $0Black

B1 - USB Travel/Sport Bag

    Measurements: L40 x H30 x W24cm.

    Attributes: Travel / Sport / Overnight Bag - Front open pocket outside.

    Material: You can find it in the debris of a building yard or amidst the bait on a boat, for protecting against mosquitoes or for fishing. It is NET, close-knit, strong, light, durable, a poor material that we buy in local markets and revitalise. The raw material for all our bags, with Italian design and sewn by the skillful fingers of expert Cambodian tailors.